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Imagine a physical map of Turkey and draw a line which begins from Artvin on the north and ends at the Gâvur Mountains on the south. This line is called Anatolia Diagonal.  This is where five major “vegetation geographies” intersect: Iranian-Turanian, European-Siberian, Caucasus, Mediterranean and African vegetation geographies.

Turkey inholds 4200 endemic plants and most of these grow on the two skirts of this line. The intersection point of the vegetation geographies we’ve mentioned above are the Gavur Mountains or the Amanos as we call them. The Ottoman called this region Cebel-i Bereket –the Mountains of Fertility… From the North Africa and Mesopotamia to Caucasus and Iranian plateaus, Asian hinterlands to Siberian flatlands, Anatolia to Ural Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, this is the most fertile region in terms of vegetation.

The Ida Mountains crossways the Gavur Mountains were described as the “mountains with thousand fountains” by Homer. Ida rises between Çanakkale and Balıkesir, surrounds the Edremit Gulf from the north and is actually a part of the system which descends until Aydın and Muğla. Ida Mountains are the homeland to a species known as the Abies Equi as well as olive trees…

We offer you the traditionally prepared “endemic” delicacies of these lands –pomegranate syrup, sumac extract, paprika paste, olive oil and many more….